Talent program


Discovering and retaining talent early is an increasingly important source of recruitment and selection. Especially now that a wide availability of well-trained developers is no longer self-evident in Eastern European countries. That is why Talenting Software has close ties with the IT faculty of the Transilvania University of Brasov, with whom we collaborate in an extensive development program.

Evening lectures

Talenting Software team leaders give lectures at the university. During these lectures, C# .Net is taught and the development concepts that the students will encounter in practice are discussed.


Students who have participated in the lectures can enter the Summer School of Talenting Software at the end of the academic year. An intensive month in which the students further put into practice the concepts learned through assignments and team projects and learn what it is like to be part of a development team. They are personally supervised by our student coaches and other Talenting colleagues and they work via the scrum methodology.


Twice a year, students can enroll in an internship program. This program is also all about gaining experience and putting into practice what has been learned at university. During the internship, Talenting Software pays extra attention to additional topics such as unit tests, code reviews and working with devops.


From the lectures to the internship program, the students are followed by our student coaches. Together with the team leaders, we actively monitor and motivate the promising students to participate in the next step in the program. When all steps in the study program have been completed, we select the best students and it is time for the next big step: Getting started as a Junior Developer in one of Talenting Software's customer teams!