What is it and why is it interesting?
Nearshoring is the outsourcing of business activities, such as software development, to an organization in a relatively nearby country. The other variants are Onshoring (outsourcing in your own country) and Offshoring (outsourcing in a country further away).

Western European companies that choose to outsource (part of) their software development relatively close to home, often opt for Eastern Europe. Popular countries to nearshore software development are; Romania, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Poland and Ukraine.

Nearshoring at Talenting Software

Most companies that start with Nearshoring start with a dedicated team extension or a project team. Talenting Software specializes in setting up dedicated remote development teams that focus completely on your project and act as an extension of your own software development department.

Why is it interesting for you?

Outsourcing a part of your software development can be interesting for various reasons, such as;
You have difficulty finding well-qualified staff in your own country,
You need a flexible layer of development capacity that you can quickly scale up and down if necessary,
You have a clearly framed project with a limited duration and you do not want to hire your own staff for this,

In addition, nearshoring in Eastern Europe is still more attractive in terms of costs compared to hiring Dutch freelance software developers or through agencies.

Types of services

When you consider going nearshore, you will be faced with a number of important questions, namely;
• Which form of cooperation best suits your needs?
• Which provider suits you best?

Depending on your needs and project, it is important to choose the right form of cooperation. Do you want complete control, do you want to outsource the entire project, or do you want to set up your own development center? There are roughly three different ways you can set up a nearshore team. You will come across these variants under many different names when you compare different providers.

Dedicated remote development team

In this model you hire a team of dedicated developers for your project, which the supplier puts together together with you. The team can be as many developers as you need. The supplier ensures that the developers are provided with the necessary facilities and takes care of all HR and employment law aspects. Within the software development project, you manage the developers completely yourself, just like your own in-house team. This model is particularly suitable for long-term software development processes where the requirements are not clear in advance and are determined during the project.

Project team

This model is intended as a solution for projects where you need development capacity for a specific assignment for a limited time. You discuss the project with your supplier, the supplier puts together a team, estimates the project and enters into an agreement with you for the project concerned and the associated costs. The team is generally managed by project managers of the customer and supplier.

Nearshore development center

Do you want to accommodate more activities in your nearshore location? Or do you need your own office location with your own security and infrastructure? Then building a Nearshore development center is an option to consider. Together with your supplier, you select the right location and shape the nearshore team. The supplier supports you with local regulations, accounting, recruitment and HR.

Want to know more?

Would you like to know more about the possibilities that Nearshoring can offer your organization? Please contact us, we are happy to advise you!

Why nearshore to Romania


Romania is fifth in the list of countries with the highest number of certified IT professionals. Romanian IT education and the IT industry are strongly supported by the government, a policy that generates valuable new IT specialists every year.


More than 80% of Romanians in the IT sector speak English and most of them also speak other languages. At Talenting Software, knowledge of the English language is a must and an important part of the recruitment and selection process.


With only one hour time difference, it is easy to let your team in Brasov participate in the daily routines and rhythm of your Dutch team.

European Union

Romania has been a member of the EU since 2007. Due to the short distance and the possibility of free travel within the EU, it is easy for your in-house and remote team to visit each other. In addition, European laws and regulations apply. For example, consider the GDPR.


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