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Talenting Software

We help software companies by setting up remote development teams that feel part of their own company.
We do this, together with the best talents, from our Software Development Center in Brașov Romania and our office in the Netherlands. At Talenting Software we believe in teams and talent. With over 25 years of experience in software development and 20 years of experience in nearshoring in Romania, we know what it takes to form winning teams. Teams that can work to create winning products.

Our culture

At Talenting Software, we think of people first.
We really want to get to know the people we work with and are keen to invest in long-term relationships. We believe that together with well-balanced teams, with the right mix of talents, we can make every collaboration a success.

At Talenting Software we work together in an open, professional atmosphere. We have an eye for each other and help each other to achieve results and to grow personally and professionally.
Bij Talenting Software werken we met elkaar samen in een open, professionele sfeer. We hebben oog voor elkaar en helpen elkaar resultaten te behalen en persoonlijk en professioneel te groeien.

Our values

Everything we do at Talenting Software is driven by our beliefs, values and ideals.
PASSION. We have a passion for software and build best of class software together with our customers.

CREATIVITY. We are creative in everything we do and we are constantly evolving.

TEAMWORK. We achieve the best results with teamwork. That is why we work with our customers as one team.

RESULTS. Everything we do is focused on achieving the best results for our people, customers and partners.

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We would be happy to tell you more about the possibilities that nearshoring with Talenting Software can offer your organization.